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The chirongarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

of chiron

A narrow unpaved path snakes its way across a desert and rock garden.




Only cacti and succulents (Crassulaceae), such as spurge (Euphorbia), Sedum, house leek (Sempervivum), Whitlow grass (Draba) and silver thistle, grow in cracks and crevices on the stark rocky hills.

In spite of the barren, eroded soil, the plants that have established themselves on the sand and shingle covered areas

of the Chiron Garden often display their surprisingly brilliant flowers: tamarisk, oleaster, broom, barberry, foxtail lily, globe thistle and lamb's ear.

A large open sandy area with gravel, shingle and pebbles in various sizes and colours is an invitation to create one's own sand pictures here in the Chiron Garden.