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The earthgarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

of earth

The Earth Garden
is a formal garden -
the trails are lined
with box trees and
the central bed is circular in shape and divided into four sections by two perpendicular lines
of box trees forming
a cross.


entrance of


The path around its centre is constructed of paving bricks, while the other paths are laid with various materials, such as sand, cobblestones, bark mulch and wood-block paving. The borders are made up of stones.

All of the open entrance and exit gates to the Earth Garden are framed by two lime trees.

In each of the four corners there is a seating area lying at a lower level, sheltered from view by climbers


growing over pergolas and berry bushes. Grassy banks invite the visitors to take a rest in these niches.

The central bed is planted with fragrant perennials and herbs. In the other beds grow aromatic and medicinal herbs, as well as blooming perennials in late summer.

The borders of the beds towards the seating areas are lined with currant, gooseberry, blueberry and raspberry bushes. The pergolas are overgrown with vines and hop.




Entrance Earthgarden

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