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The mercurygarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

of mercury

An open and sunny garden awaits us.




The mainly grey-leafed shrubs and perennials growing here are full of flowers and blossoms that attract butterflies and bees, for instance broom, butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii), blue beard, purple willow, wisteria, sage, thyme, ornamental catnip and hemp-agrimony.

The paths are paved with pale grey stone and variously shaped - wide in some parts and narrower in others, sometimes straight and sometimes winding.

The branches of an elm dance playfully in the breeze. Around its trunk are planted pale blue and yellow flowering ground covering plants and bulbs.


Near the entrance to the Mercury Garden, which is covered with wisteria, there stands a small wooden hut. In it visitors can find information about the park as well as books and magazines on the implementation of astrology in architecture and garden design.

A small stage for music recitals and poetry readings is set up at the rear end of the Mercury Garden.

Strewn over the garden one can also find several seating areas as well as an open area with swings and a see-saw - for children of all ages!