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The moongarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

garden of moon

A narrow grass trail in a spiral shape leads through this garden.




The path is bordered by various, densely planted white blooming or white fruiting shrubs such as jasmine, serviceberry, deutzia, snowberry, cherry laurel and bird cherry.

Three cherry trees grow by the entrance to the Moon Garden. Under them are planted white and blue flowering perennials and bulbs, such as bellfower, hosta, snowdrop anemone and blue-eyed Mary, Siberian bugloss, Japanese anemone, Chinese bellflower, star of Bethlehem, bleeding heart and astrantia (great masterwort).


Positioned among the shrubs, partially obscured from view, are several sculptures carved from white marble and alabaster.

Following the spiral path - in counter clockwise direction - one will find at its centre a mirror pond with white water lilies.

On the perimeter of the spiral there are three alcoves - small areas surrounded by shrubs with mirror ponds at their centre, where visitors can retreat and reflect.




Entrance to the Moongarden