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The neptunegarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

of neptune

The Neptune Garden
is a water garden
with fluid crossings, which makes them indistinct and hard to notice.




The water of a large pond merges into a marsh area vegetated with reeds and bulrush (Typha), which in turn blends into the shore zone that's dominated by large sedge swamps. A sand path encircles this body of water, running across dense willow brush. In parts the path runs on wooden planks through the marsh area.

Walking over stepping stones one can reach a small isle, on which several meadows by the shore invite the visitors to sit and rest. Here, protected


by reeds and tall grass one can enjoy the relaxing view of the water surrounding the isle.

Another place where visitors can retreat and contemplate is a tepee that's erected on a site obscured from public view. It is built using bamboo poles draped with fabrics in pale lilac, pink and seaweed green colours, and blankets embroidered with silver.
In a grove consisting of seven aspen trees, the ground beneath them a soft green carpet of grass, several wind chimes sway gently in the breeze.