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The plutogarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

garden of pluto

We enter into a dark, enchanted garden through a wrought-
iron gate overgrown with ivy and pipevine.




A winding path leads us along elder thickets and a small alder swamp with 17 alder trees, across a stream, and along a line of black poplars and a cluster of yews.

The stream springs from within a granite boulder that's almost completely overgrown with creepers and climbers, such as wild clematis, honeysuckle, wild grapevine, Boston ivy, fleeceflower and winter creeper.

Marsh areas line the course of the stream in the Pluto Garden.


In them grow sweet flag, butterbur, autumn crocuses and orchids, reed mannagrass, sedges and reed.

The elder thickets alternate with areas covered in forbs, with sprawling purple loosestrife, marsh marigold, purple turtlehead, masterwort and bead fern, Solomon's seal, May lily, creeping jenny and bistort.

Sculptures made of iron project upward from this sea of foliage.




Entrance to the PLutogarden