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The saturngarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

of saturn

The heavy iron gates open into a formal garden, at the centre
of which four beech trees form a shady place.




This central area of the garden is lower-lying than the path surrounding it and the adjacent flowerbeds, and can be accessed through four narrow sets of steps. The height offset is absorbed by dry walls constructed with anthracite coloured natural stones. The same building material is used for the gravel paths which divide the area under the beeches into four equal sections.

The higher-lying path in the Saturn Garden is paved with blue-black clinker bricks and basalt cobbles. Along the path stand plain benches painted dark blue without backrests.


Trimmed box hedges separate the outer beds from the path. Two trimmed European hornbeams each frame the ways in and out of the garden as well as the cul-de-sacs opposite.

The four corners of the Saturn Garden are accentuated by the use of evergreen shrubs, which are complemented by shade-loving ground cover plants and perennials, such as ivy, periwinkle, monkshood, Christmas rose, liverleaf (Hepatica nobilis), fern, wood anemone, hosta, and rodgersia.



Entrance to the Saturngarden

eingangstor saturngarten