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The sungarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

garden of sun

Broad water-bound paths bordered with yellow granite lead to the centre of the Sun Garden.




Three lilac groves that can be reached by narrow winding paths invite the visitors to stay here for a while; in spring, the beguiling scent of lily of the valley fills the air.

The water-bound paths in the Venus Garden are pale brown and comfortable underfoot.

A birch grove consisting of six trees in a blooming meadow hems in an area designated for feasts, music and dance.

In March the meadow dazzles and shimmers with fragrant white daffodils, while in May it's covered in a pink sea of lady's smock.

The flower beds in the Venus Garden are planted with white and pink roses, harmoniously combined with perennials such as gypsophila, hollyhocks, scabiosas and carnations, purple coneflowers, pink and white blossoming annual fleabanes and pasque flowers, peonies, bleeding hearts and irises, as well as hibiscuses, graceful deutzias, and buddleias.



Entrance to the Sungarden

eingangstor sonnengarten