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The uranusgarden is a part of the park of gods and planets.

of uranus

The Uranus Garden
is an unusual open garden - actually it's more of an area full with gravel and rocks
in which spontaneous vegetation grows.




Here one can find typical pioneer species, for instance goldenrod, willow herb, chicory, evening primrose, herb Robert, coltsfoot and Jacob's ladder.

Four black locust trees afford a little shade.

The paths in the Uranus Garden run in zigzags, suddenly changing directions. They are covered with pale grey crushed gravel, and their borders are made from blue-grey concrete blocks.


Despite it is being very uneven, the entire area is walkable.

Sculptures made from glass, aluminium and recycling materials stand on small areas paved with red, yellow and blue concrete blocks. A tower that's built from the same materials stands in the garden too. Visitors can climb to its top and overlook both the Uranus Garden and the entire park.